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Harnessing HR Excellence: Eddy and Paylocity HR

Starting a firm on the right note is imperative to embracing continuous growth and prosperity. Employee hiring and retention play a crucial role in this matter. If a firm can effortlessly manage these two things, it can reach the heights of success.

You can elegantly accomplish these things with a talented HR team, fueling your organization’s success. The HR team needs to handle everything from hiring to training employees to managing payrolls, increments, employee incentives, attendance schedules, etc.

Make it hassle-free for your human resources team to streamline operational success by partnering with comprehensive HR software. One such software can shape your HR team’s workflow overnight. Don’t know where to get started? No worries.

This guide will present you with two market-leading HR platforms, Eddy HR and Paylocity HR. Let’s examine these resilient systems’ winning aspects, services offered, and cost models to find the optimal solution to meet your HR needs.

Eddy HR: The Savior of Local Businesses

Are you seeking an all-inclusive HR suite to manage employee hiring, onboarding, training, and payroll management? Eddy is the perfect solution for you. This HR software is the epitome of perfection, saving time by keeping things simple in this digital era.

Renowned among small and medium-sized businesses, Eddy HR streamlines hiring processes quickly. It bids farewell to the endless pile of paperwork and manual spreadsheets, boosting the HR team’s productivity.

Areas of Concern of Eddy HR: Stealing the Limelight

Eddy has dipped its fingers in four promising categories to streamline HR operations for its customers. You can think of it as a one-stop shop as it manages payrolls, workers’ data, hiring processes, and timesheets from a centralized location. Let’s explore all four modules:

Hiring: Leave a good impression on new joiners by starting on the right foot with Eddy. The vendor simplifies the hiring process by featuring a mobile-ready journey bundled with a customized pipeline to easily sift through candidates’ profiles. This module deals in:

  • Job distribution and promotion
  • Automated messaging and scheduling
  • Hiring team communication and collaboration
  • Digital offer letters
  • Background checks

Employee Data Management With Eddy, your HR team can heave a sigh of relief as it embraces automation with open arms. It allows teams to record employee data, ensuring confidentiality and saving time digitally. It allows more than just document storage, including:

  • E-signatures
  • Automated notifications
  • Certifications Management
  • Company-wide training tracking
  • Notes on employee profiles
  • People directory and org chart

Payroll Management Eddy ensures error-free payments by keeping track of payable hours, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This is the secret to a stress-free payroll and improved employee experience. Teams can manage time-off requests promptly, leading to accurate billable hours. It features:

  • Pay info verification
  • Unlimited payroll runs
  • Employee earnings review
  • Comprehensive payroll reporting
  • Full-service tax filing
  • Tax document distribution to employees

Time and Attendance Management The system creates a win-win situation with its time and attendance module. Employees can clock through mobiles, and the HR team can record hours for simple payroll processing. Eddy keeps it simple: converting hours, overtime, and time off into wages. This module features:

  • Review and approve timesheets
  • Time tracking
  • Custom time-off policies
  • Eddy mobile app for employees
  • Who’s Out Calendar
  • Holiday calendars

The Cost of Implementation

Eddy HR’s cost structure is flawless. Not only does it keep things simple while streamlining HR operations, but it also improves finances by charging a minimum compared to its rivals. This efficient software has three plans in store for you. Before we get to that, Eddy HR offers its Payroll and Hiring module as add-on services, except for its premium plan.

  • Starter: It costs $4 per person/ month with a $50 base rate. The starter plan includes all basic HR features, from onboarding to document storage and from benefits to time tracking.
  • Growth: It costs $8 per person/month with a $75 base rate. This plan includes all the essentials, such as training tracking, custom field data, and an org chart.
  • Premium: The premium plan is customized with comprehensive tools and services. It includes payroll and hiring services in addition to the growth plan.

Paylocity HR: The Legacy Software for Enterprises

Paylocity is a harmonious blend of core HR and payroll services driven by modern technology. It’s a solution that organizations desire to streamline the hiring, onboarding, and payroll processes. Driven by the emphasis on building effective workforces, it assures employee retention.

That’s not all; Paylocity HR manages the entire employee cycle like a pro. It eats it all, leaving no crumbs, serving both profit and non-profit businesses. Offering best-in-class services, this

Areas Of Concern of Paylocity: Paving Way to The Top

Want to modernize your workforce from scratch? Paylocity is at your disposal, laced with exquisite functionalities. It is way more than a basic HR program, and its feature portfolio says it all. With the intent of helping businesses flourish, it features a talent management module to upskill employees. It takes pride in its mobile app and HR reporting software.

Here’s a detailed outlay of the products offered by Paylocity HR, with the services included:

Payroll: Become a payroll management pro with this fine platform’s purpose-built payroll module. Eliminating mistakes from payroll and improving tax compliance gains employee confidence. It even handles the general ledger mapping and offers the following services:

  • Expense
  • Taxe services
  • On-demand payments
  • Garnishment services
  • Global Payroll

Human Resources This product is equipped with one-of-a-kind human resources services. Automating tedious tasks saves HR teams time and energy. This module even bridges the communication gaps that fuel collaboration. What’s more? It features unlimited custom fields and offers:

  • Employee self-service
  • Compliance
  • HR edge
  • Data Analytics
  • Workflows and documents

Workforce Management: Enable your HR teams to fine-tune time and labor processes with excellence by going digital. Say no to manual scheduling and attendance, lessen unplanned labor costs, and reduce administrative tasks with Paylocity HR. This module comprises:

  • Time and Attendance
  • Scheduling
  • Time collection

Talent Management It’s time for you to attain optimal talent by going on the talent hunt with Paylocity. Its talent management module helps identify, hire, and recruit top candidates. Not only that, but it also offers personalized learning and career development opportunities. Moreover, it offers:

  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Performance
  • Compensation

Benefits Administration With this reliable HR software, you can set up a straightforward benefit administration experience for your team. It modernizes this process by helping employees through the benefits enrollment process so they can rightfully take what’s theirs. This plan features:

  • Flexible benefits
  • Automated employee coverage updates.

The Cost of Implementation

Unfortunately, we have little to share about Paylocity’s pricing model. The software hasn’t officially shared the cost details. However, you can request the details by contacting their sales team.

Final Words

Choosing HR programs depends on your requirements and, especially, the scale of your firm. As this guide illustrates, Eddy best serves small to mid-sized companies. On the other hand, Paylocity levels the playing field for large-scale firms.

Eddy encompasses a plethora of services to streamline core HR processes. In contrast, Paylocity HR offers more by incorporating talent management and benefit administration tools. It all boils down to your HR department’s requirements.

Make the right choice; success will ultimately knock at your doorstep.

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