Paid Guest Post Outreach Specialists

Top 6 Paid Guest Blog Outreach Specialists

If you want to improve your website’s SEO and attract more organic traffic, guest blogging can be a powerful addition to your SEO strategy. However, not everyone has the time or skills to conduct effective guest blog outreach. This is where guest blog outreach specialists can help. These experts are committed to linking your brand with reputable websites, securing guest post opportunities, and increasing your online presence.

In this article, we will introduce you to the top 10 paid guest blog outreach specialists who can help take your website’s SEO to the next level. Whether you’re a small business owner or a digital marketing manager, these experts have the skills and experience to deliver results.

1. Faran Bilal – The Best Paid Guest Blog Outreach Specialist

If you’re searching for an outreach prodigy, look no further than Faran Bilal. He has a unique ability to connect with webmasters and bloggers, which helps him secure high-quality guest post opportunities. Faran’s outreach campaigns are personalized and focused on building genuine relationships with website owners, making it easier to secure guest post opportunities. By using this approach, Faran ensures that your brand appears in the right places, increasing your online visibility and credibility.

Faran Bilal is considered an SEO guru and he is at the forefront of paid guest post outreach. His impressive track record speaks for itself, which is why Faran has become a trusted expert in his field. Originally from Pakistan, he has been a reliable Fiverr seller since September 2019.


  • Provide high-quality guest post backlinks for SEO
  • Offer niche-relevant contextual backlinks for improved website ranking


  • Starting at $50 for high-quality guest post backlinks
  • Starting at $80 for niche-relevant contextual backlinks

Client Feedbacks:

  • “Faran’s guest post backlinks have been a game-changer for our website’s SEO. The improvement in our search rankings is remarkable!” – MarketingPro.
  • “His ability to secure niche-relevant contextual backlinks has driven targeted traffic to our site. Highly recommended!” – DigitalMarketer

Faran Bilal understands the ever-changing landscape of SEO and employs strategies in sync with the latest trends. He excels in providing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that their SEO goals are not only met but exceeded.

One of his standout features is his exceptional communication level, making him easy to work with and highly responsive to client queries. Faran’s wealth of experience in the industry, coupled with his results-driven approach, makes him a force to be reckoned with.

2. Blboss Team – The SEO Experts Collective

Blboss Team

Blboss Team is a collective of seven seasoned SEO experts, each with a wealth of experience and a shared commitment to delivering top-notch results. They’ve been in the SEO game since 2006 and have been active on Fiverr since 2011. As members of elite SEO groups, they stay constantly updated with the latest SEO knowledge, ensuring that their clients receive cutting-edge strategies and techniques.

One of their most notable achievements is ranking a website in an incredibly competitive niche as part of “The Shift” By Fiverr project. This accomplishment speaks to their prowess in the SEO world. Blboss Team is also the only Fiverr seller recommended by renowned figures like Alex Becker, Ryan Deiss, Kotton Grammer, Craig Romero, Brian Williams, Robert Stukes, Ryan McKinney, and Tomas Witek.


  • Increase your website SEO authority with white hat super-safe high DA backlinks
  • Do guest posts backlinks niche relevant contextual dofollow SEO link building


  • Starting at $95 for increasing website SEO authority
  • Starting at $120 for guest posts backlinks

Client Feedbacks:

  • “Blboss Team’s collective expertise has been a game-changer for our website’s SEO strategy. Their results speak volumes!” – MarketingPro
  • “Their ability to deliver results in a highly competitive niche is nothing short of impressive. We’re thrilled with their services!” – DigitalMarketer

Blboss Team brings the power of a united SEO front to help clients achieve their SEO goals. With a diverse range of skills and a proven track record, they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of SEO.

3. Anna GuestPosts – The Outreach Guru

Anna GuestPosts is not just an outreach specialist; she’s a guru when it comes to forging connections. Her personalized outreach campaigns are designed to establish genuine relationships with website owners, making it easier to secure guest post opportunities. Anna’s approach ensures that your brand gets mentioned in the right places, increasing your online visibility and credibility.


  • Provide guest post backlinks niche relevant contextual dofollow SEO link building

Prices: Starting at $30

Client Feedbacks:

  • “Anna GuestPosts has a knack for building relationships, and it shows in the quality of guest post opportunities she secures!” – MarketingPro
  • “Her outreach campaigns are on point, and her communication is excellent!” – DigitalMarketer

4. Numan SEO – The SEO All-Rounder

Numan Seo, a seasoned SEO expert, brings over a decade of experience to the table. With a strong educational background in both Information Technology and Marketing, Numan is well-equipped to handle a wide range of SEO-related tasks. His primary focus is on entrepreneurs and startups, where his expertise can make a significant impact.


  • Optimize website on-page technical SEO service for WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace
  • Do monthly off-page SEO service, including high-quality backlinks and manual guest posts
  • Perform SEO keyword research and competitor analysis for top Google ranking


  • Starting at $225 for website on-page technical SEO service
  • Starting at $175 for monthly off-page SEO service
  • Starting at $75 for SEO keyword research and competitor analysis

Client Feedbacks:

  • “Numan’s attention to detail and professionalism have significantly improved our website’s SEO. He’s a true expert!” – StartupEnthusiast
  • “We’ve seen a notable increase in organic traffic thanks to Numan’s SEO services. Highly recommended!” – MarketingMaven

Numan Seo’s commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction shines through in his work. Whether you need help with on-page SEO, off-page SEO, or comprehensive keyword research, Numan’s expertise can take your business to the next level.

5. Eshrat Jahan Esa – The Social SEO Maven

Eshrat Jahan Esa combines social media prowess with SEO expertise to deliver outstanding results. Her approach includes creating social media profiles with SEO-optimized backlinks, extending your brand’s reach across various platforms. Eshrat Jahan Esa’s strategies are tailored to improve your website’s authority while harnessing the power of social media for greater exposure.


  • Do social media profile with SEO backlinks

Prices: Starting at $15

Client Feedbacks:

  • “Eshrat Jahan Esa’s combination of social media and SEO has had a remarkable impact on our online presence!” – MarketingPro
  • “Her strategies are a perfect blend of SEO and social media marketing!” – DigitalMarketer

6. Musa – The Guest Post Specialist

Musa is a dedicated guest post specialist with a background in software engineering. His meticulous approach ensures that your guest posts are placed on high-traffic, authoritative websites. With Musa’s expertise, you can expect to see improvements in your website’s ranking and traffic.


  • Do SEO guest post dofollow high-quality backlinks on high-traffic site

Prices: Starting at $40

Client Feedbacks:

  • “Musa’s guest post services have significantly boosted our website’s traffic and authority!” – SEOEnthusiast
  • “His attention to detail and dedication to quality service are unmatched!” – BusinessGrowth


To sum up, if you aim to enhance your website’s SEO via guest blog outreach, these experts possess the expertise, experience, and proven record to produce results. Investing in proficient guest blog outreach can remarkably impact your online presence and search engine rankings. Select the specialist that aligns with your objectives and enjoy the benefits of top-notch guest blogging.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your SEO strategy. Contact one of these experts today!

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